Heading for a spin

Roll away your stone

I haven’t put up many pictures lately because I can’t store anything on my computer anymore, I lost my USB stick and my external hard disk is a piece of unreliable shit.

A couple of days ago it sunk in that I might have been photographing for almost a year now. When I sat down to think about it I happily corrected myself that’s only been 6 months. I could take another breath of air. I have been looking at the works of too many brilliant photographers lately and it made me wonder why my pictures look like that in my head but are never that brilliant in real life. Fair enough, I couldn’t photoshop to save my life and all the courses are so packed that I couldn’t attend one even if I shot the first two rows. But surely that can’t be it? It seems like they’re hiding some secrets from me. But I’ve got another six months to steal those secrets and pretend that I’m talented.

It also doesn’t help that I can count the people that are willing to pose for the camera on one hand. And even then I’m wary not to push it too far. I need to get to know more people who are more openly vain. Anyone?


2 responses

  1. I always post information about my photos. I WANT people to steal the ideas. Afterall, I freely admit to stealing my ideas.
    The other thing I have learned is that all photos lie. That means each photo is a new adventure in processing. Why make a photo look like reality? Make it look like your imagination.

    October 21, 2009 at 16:56

  2. And I’ve found the information you write underneath every post to be very helpful indeed. There’s so much to take into account that it’s good for a beginner to see how people with experience handle it.

    I see your point. But I also have a lot of respect for photojournalism where it’s about the subjects. Those pictures can be so powerful even when they’re clearly not technically very strong.
    But I guess you’re right. I’ll definitely start spending some time on learning how to process pictures more than the basic steps. Thanks for the advice!

    October 22, 2009 at 00:18

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