Heading for a spin

So that’s what they call it

Today I received what must be the weirdest proposition so far.

I wanted to have a long-lie in but I had to go shopping. Yes, ‘had to’. Sometimes I have to do it to remind myself to which gender I belong. After the chores I met up with Rob to go see the house in Antwerp where we will organize cultural and social activities soon. Can’t wait to start hosting art exhibitions. The minute I get my key I’ll take some pictures in the house because it’s an architectural gem.

When I was walking back I passed a couple walking hand in hand, enjoying the autumn sun. Nothing out of the ordinary, until I heard somebody running after me. It was the woman. I expected her to give me back something I might have lost, but instead she stopped me to ask whether I liked to travel. And before I knew it, they asked me to join them on their sailing trip.

Sailing you say.

I thought these things only happened in Sex & the City episodes. Samantha would have said yes, but you won’t see my newly bought bras lying on the deck.

2 responses

  1. I grew up in the Caribbean…this was not an unusual request in my world. I hope you enjoy yourself. I love to sail. With the wind, it makes one feel alive and free.

    November 9, 2009 at 20:17

  2. Oh but it was strange. It’s not so much the proposition in itself, I think that could be nice esp. the way you describe it. But what’s worrying is the fact that they had never seen me before and they didn’t know a thing about me, nor did I know anything about them. I didn’t even know their names and they ask me to join them on a sailing trip to the other side of the world. Something’s doesn’t really make much sense in that story…

    November 23, 2009 at 21:27

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