Heading for a spin

Railroad companies

Unlike many others I wil mutter when there’s yet another delay, but I won’t blame the public transport services of incompetence. But even the patience of a public transport fan will be put to the test. After I missed my first train I was waiting at the platform for the next one. It was -10°C but I was loaded with many bags of lugage so I figured I could defy the cold for a good 20 minutes rather than drag them down the stairs. The lovely view of the rising sun and the snow would make up for the biting cold. When the train didn’t arrive at the given time I was getting impatient. Frozen to the bone and thinking about how I was going to be late for work, they suddenly announced that the train had a 30 minute delay… because they had forgotten to make everything ready in time. After more than an hour I finally got onto a train to find out that all the seats were taken by daytrippers. Standing in a narrow hallway with a large suitcase, a bag full of clothes, a bulging tote bag and frozen yoghurt in hand I was hating the guts of every single one of them comfortably seated in their seats on their way for a nice day of shopping. My resentful thoughts were only interrupted a good 30 times by passengers who were brushing up against me in their search for a seat.

Railroad company, my love is strong but not unconditional.

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