Heading for a spin

C’était au temps où Bruxelles chantait


Give me what the others couldn’t. Be a stepping stone.
Give away your secrets day by day – like that day when we discovered the stables of Napoleon at the back of an antique shop.
Reveal more of those winter nights that proved a lot warmer than the barometer had said. As if we were on holiday.

I’ll wave away your scent of piss and dirt, I’ll see the shades in the grey and I’ll try not to run into your darker side at night.
I know that excitement never comes without a risk.
So I’m not asking you to lose your authenticity, just be kind to me.

Yours truly.

One response

  1. how wonderful to find the stables. i have a photo of his death-mask on my facebook, and facebook once asked me “whose face is this?” and i thought it was a contest, and i became so excited because i recognized the waxy yellow face. but it wasn’t a contest…they just wanted me to tag my friends.

    October 23, 2010 at 17:51

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