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Amsterdam – Best Western Kindergarten

Night before take-off


disposable WOMEN – Amsterdam & Paris

Two weeks ago I went to Amsterdam to see those 5 Canadians who I hadn’t seen for what seemed an eternity. After a huge delay I arrived in Amsterdam where I was greeted by the characteristic bicycles and rain. Of course I got lost and of course I ended up in a thunderstorm, arriving 4 hours later than planned.

But who would care if you finally get to see lovely people back and meet new people. Like Andy, a British student who I started talking to by accident while looking for Studio 80. Or Nick Helderman, a young photographer whose work I admire and I’d recommend to anyone interested in music photography.

Next  day  I went with them to Paris where they shared a line-up with the band Nurses. Their album Apple’s Acre made it into my best of 2009 list.
I’m not sure I’ll ever get the appeal of Paris. I love the streets –  if  only they could be deserted, I can’t find it in my heart to love the Parisians as Americans (and Canadians) seem to. I prefer understated.

When two of the Americans and I stopped for crêpes on our way back to the hotel, I discovered that Paris’ negative attitude towards Americans isn’t a myth created in  the europhobic, paranoid American mind. It’s a disgrace how the crêpes vendors tried to swindle money out of them. I’m taking the American side on this one. The nicest people I met in Paris were a booker from Bordeaux and the drummer in El Boy Die from Lyon. You’re not even trying Paris.

I didn’t lose any sleep over it.  I did over Matt’s weird but funny sleeping habits.

ON REPEAT: Women - Eyesore
ON REPEAT: Nurses - Caterpillar