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Bye Berlin


Berlin pt. 05

Berlin pt. 04, Wake up boy, it’s snowing

Berlin, pt. 03

An explosion of tourists

Matt in Cologne

ON REPEAT: DZ Deathrays - Gebbie Street

disposable WOMEN – Germany

That’s where the story should have ended. The next morning in  Paris I got into the van thinking we would drive through Luxembourg where I would get a train back home. The GPS led us past Luxembourg. I ended up in Germany instead.

In beautiful Heidelberg.

and strange Offenbach.

And in Berlin, where I ate the best pizza ever and I want/will live one day. Does anyone know what those blue things are in the picture below by the way?

After Berlin I went back home – not functioning properly. After being together  for almost every second of the day and night they could as well have removed a limb or two. But after a day or two everything went back to normal and I got  the much-needed rest and clean laundry. Especially the latter was a necessity. Puh.

ON REPEAT: Women - Heat Distraction