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Amsterdam – Best Western Kindergarten

Night before take-off


kärlek och försäljning


As we went to La La Land

Our host in Stockholm lent me his old fully manual Lomo camera for the week. I would love to say something nice about its light leaks, but it’s been a month and I still haven’t found my film roll back. I only have the pictures of my backup Panasonic which lacks Canon depth and colours but above all has a knack of portraying Stockholm as a gigantic bedroom.

ON REPEAT: Let's Buy Happiness - Purpose of Sleep


Back from Stockholm and dead tired. I wouldn’t want to sleep anywhere else but on people’s floors and couches while travelling but mix bad sleeping habits and slightly uncomfortable accommodation and you’ve got one exhausted girl who will spend at least one night staring at the ceiling. We received our college results during our trip but I didn’t want it to ruin the fun so now I’m home with an unread mail and a question burning on many lips. First thing, read the mail. Next up on the list, decide what the future will bring depending on the results. For an ordinary Saturday I’m extraordinarly tired and nervous. What I’d give to be Sookie on any given Saturday: let others work while drowsing the hours away.

ON REPEAT: Jack Ladder - Cold Feet


Having to take 200 object photographs every week for an assignment is stepping out of one comfort zone and into another, because those objects never mind being in the picture, pose exactly the way I want it and don’t scream when I drastically alter their appearance. And object photography can be lifted out of the commercial (and boring) sphere as demonstrated by Anne Collier’s Problems, Edmund Clark‘s Still Life Killing Time and Ishiuchi Miyako’s Hiroshima.

ON REPEAT: Yukon Blonde - Brides Song