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When the rain dresses up in bows and colours



Celebrations, good times

A horse walks into a bar. ‘Why the long face?’, the bartender asks.

No long faces today beside Tessa’s puppy-eyed face. It slipped my mind but Gerlin reminded me that today was the 2nd anniversary of Neon Enlightenment. That called for a celebration and Darwin Deez has a very, very fine show for that. Cheerful songs with dance intermezzos. They’ll be back in Belgium to play at Pukkelpop festival.

Before the show we had an improvised interview with Darwin. Gerlin received a call a couple of hours earlier  so there wasn’t time for a decent interview. What was supposed to be an ‘introductory interview’ turned into a conversation about Dawson’s Creek, a cute German girl at Rough Trade and watching porn.

After the show the sound guy at the Botanique put on the Fantasy Black Channel album by Late of the Pier. An ocassion for Hermine & Phara to absolutely lose it. It so happened that the very first post on Neon Enlightenment two years ago was about that same Late of the Pier. Golly gee!

At the end of the evening I was smart enought to take an analogue picture with the lens cap still on and after that I couldn’t take another picture so I assumed I was at the end of my film roll. Only when I arrived home I realized I had been turning the wheel in the wrong direction. I’ve still got a good 15 pictures left but no evidence of Eno’s Ace Adventure hairdo. Thumbs up for stupidity!

And now I really should get some sleep. I hardly had any sleep last night and I have stupid dreams all of the time, so if I want to get rid of my cold I’ll have to hug those sheets more often. I’m going to have a snooze now and I’ll be dreaming of  Phara, Gerlin, Hermine, Jarri, Tessa, Eno & Elmo. Hmm, perhaps preferably no dreams of those last two.

Virginia City


Morning Sign

“I like her, she likes me.
And when summer comes, we’ll go to Paris or Rome”


When people want to know how messy someone is I use myself as a reference. ‘Almost as bad as I am’ equals pretty messy, ‘even worse than me’ usually makes people raise their eyebrows. Could it be coincidence that after living with Marijke, Tessa turned out to be on our level as well? People who don’t spend all of their time trying to set everything in order have more time for others. So we stuck together, 2 young unemployed slobs, trying to find a job.

Cold Kids

I’ve been away for a while because I never had my hard disk and internet at the same time but at the moment I’m at Attila’s place. My last tram leaves in about 15 minutes so I quickly will upload this picture. It’s one I took when I was lodging in with Tessa the last two weeks. More pictures of Tess will follow…

Poetry for ordinary people like me


While waiting for the train, Tessa took out her diary and read about the time she met Keith Murray. We missed our train.